Northern Frontier
Piotr arendzikowski northern rim logo1
Piotr arendzikowski 1

First - lineart sketch

Piotr arendzikowski 2

Second - Trying some colours under sketch

Piotr arendzikowski 3

Third - Getting rid of lines. Some of them are overpainted and some just erased ;-)

Piotr arendzikowski 4

Mooore details .. Almost finished.

Northern Frontier

'The last summer, twelve of us set off north in search for an Ice Troll. Unfortunately, it turned out the Troll found them first.'
'Ha, you’re a madman! Twelve men couldn’t bring it down. Do you really believe the two of us stand any chance?'
'Yes. Only four and half metre were those lances of theirs. Mine is six.'

More artwork
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